[OpenTrack] Prepping For Track Day

There are three components that make up a track day.

  • You
  • Course
  • Automobile

Now that you have safely readied yourself, it is time to make sure your car is up to the challenge. Open track days can be very demanding on your vehicle. It is imperative that it is in good working condition, properly tuned, and ready to take on anything. Following these few simple points will ensure you are up to par and will get the most out of your session.
Key points-

  • Perform general maintenance
  • Inspect brakes for wear (A simple upgrade in pads, rotors, lines, and fluid is highly suggested).
  • Maintain all bushings are properly functioning and we lubricated
  • Bushings should be within proper limits and in no need of repair
  • All steering rods and tie rods should be tightened within proper specifications and checked for excessive play.
  • Tires are the median in which you, the car, and the track interact. Never skimp on tires and make sure they are not overly worn; are properly inflated; and are free of damage.  It is also imperative that all lug nuts be checked and torque to proper specifications.

An upgrade is highly suggested for optimal drivability.

  • All fluids should be at proper levels. Race quality liquids and oils are highly recommended.
  • Everything in the participant’s automobile should be within proper factory specifications and free from any defecets.

ALA Raceline USA :  Open Track

May 15th, 2011

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