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Open Track Days are without a doubt, an exhilarating and fun-filled time for all, but it doesn’t come without a bit of caution and common sense. Though the open track is structured to run outside the traditional laws found on public road ways, it does not mean that safety is thrown out the door. In fact, safety should be of the highest concern when partaking in any given event. Please drive responsibly and take into consideration others on the course may not be of your driving caliber and may not always be able to maneuver as effortlessly as you.

Required Safety Equipment-

  • Helmet*
  • Seatbelt**
  • Shoes – Closed toe shoes
  • Pants – Long pants recommended
  • Shirt – Comfortable

Above wearing the approved safety attire, please secure any parts within the car. Do not allow for items to shift during operation. Also, a clean car not only looks great speeding down the track, but is a safe way of ensuring unneeded grim, dirt, oil, etc. from entering the premises. Any considerable amount of debris on the track is dangerous and will result in a temporary closure to remove said hazard.

With some patience, some practice, and lots of common sense, open track days can be both an exciting and safe event. Please follow all these rules.


*Helmet- Snell approved
**Seatbelt- DOT approved 3-point or 5 point SFI. 4 point not allowed


All event rules will be reviewed with all participants at the beginning of each day of the event. There will be an open discussion session where participants may ask freely about the rules, safety requirements, and any other pertinent information. Non-attendance by any participant of this mandatory meeting will revoke your privileges to join in on the day’s event and you will not be allowed onto the track.

  • Attendance of the opening day’s meeting is required and shall be attended by all participant.
  • Any flags or other communication signals for participants will be reviewed before the commencing of the day.
  • All participants shall conduct a thorough check of their vehicle and person to ensure all safety criteria have been met.
  • Run groups will be separated by classification level. The larger groups may be broken down further to smaller groups as the coordinators see fit.
  • Each individual run group session will not exceed 20 minutes. The number of track sessions per event is not limited.
  • Timing devices, hand held cameras, phones, or anything else not clearly secured will not be allowed during a running session.
  • Passengers are allowed to join a driver in the automobile and must adhere to all regulatory standards set forth including, but not limited to safety equipment requirements. No passengers at Willow Springs / Streets of Willow.


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May 15th, 2011

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