[OpenTrack] Track Terminology

To fully succeed at Open Track Driving, it is important to understand all the terms and signals used at each event.


  • “Track” – The road course in which participants engage in OPEN TRACKING.
  • “Hot Track” – The track is now ready with automobiles and has been set into motion.
  • “Passing” – The intended move by one participant over the other to overtake position on the track
  • “Point-by-Passing” – Hand signaling given by the front participant in efforts to inform the rear participant that is now allowable to pass on the gestured side.
  • “Blocking” – The attempted stopping of passage of another driver by physically maneuvering in front of or causing to shift away from desired track of movement. It is never allowed on the track and will result in an instant dismissal.
  • “Paddock” – Area designated for automobiles to park and for crew to work.
  • “Pit Lane” – Entrance/Exit for the track. For CREW only.
  • “Transponder” – Device used to measure lap times.
  •  “Administrator” – Person heading registration and payment.
  • “Chief Steward” – Runs all meetings (opening and download) and is there to explain any rules and answer any questions about open tracking.
  • “Instructor” – Conveys the “ins & outs” of the course and will instruct drivers on the particular track.
  • “Pit Marshal” – Handles all scheduling of drivers/groups and communicates with drivers on track.
  • “Driver” – Participant operating vehicle on track. His/her role is of the most importance and is responsible for the safety of all on the track.
  • “Passenger” – Allowed to ride along with driver on course (must adhere to all safety requirements), but may not interfere with the functions of driving or involve themselves in point-by-passing. No passengers at Willow Springs / Streets of Willow.

Signals – Colored flags are the essential means of communication in tracking. They serve to ready drivers, warn of any dangers, or call attention to the pit

  • “GREEN” – Signifies a live track and to begin driving.
  • “Yellow” – Caution. No passing allowed at all.
  • “Red” –Clear the circuit for emergency vehicle by stopping offline and near a coner worker if possible. Wait for further instruction. Stay in car with safety equipment on, do not move until directed by a worker or official
  • “Black Pointed” – This is pointed at a specific driver to head directly to the hot pit to speak to the pit marshal.
  • "Black Waived" - This is to signal all drivers to head to pit lane.
  • “White” – It is waved to indicate the arrival of the final lap before exiting the track.
  • “Checker” – The driving session has come to a close and all drivers must exit the course.

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